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The South Saskatchewan River Project will be dedicated as a Civil Engineering Historic Site during the conference. The project consists of the Gardiner and Qu’Appelle Dams, the Lake Diefenbaker reservoir, the Coteau Creek power station, several water supply systems for agricultural, industrial and municipal purposes, and recreation facilities.

The history of the South Saskatchewan River Project goes back to the 19th Century when the possibility of damming the South Saskatchewan River was first proposed. The drought of the 1930s revived interest in creating a reservoir in southern Saskatchewan. The Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration began investigating constructing a dam on the South Saskatchewan River and released a report in 1947. In 1958 a funding agreement was signed by the federal and provincial governments and construction started in 1959. The project was formally opened in 1967 and the last contract completed in 1968.

Formal recognition of the South Saskatchewan River Project will take place at the Delta Ballroom following the plenary luncheon. A bus tour to Gardiner Dam, the key feature of the project, will be available for those interested following the recognition ceremony.


When: Thursday May 25th following the plenary luncheon
Where: Delta Ballroom

2:00 pm – Dedication ceremony begins
2:45 pm – Board bus for site tour
4:00 pm – Bus arrives at Gardiner Dam
5:30 pm – Bus departs Gardiner Dam
6:45 pm – Bus arrives Delta Hotel

Where to meet for the bus: Delta Hotel lobby, 405 20th Street East Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 6X6
Cost: Included with registration. Places are limited and are on a first come, first serve basis. Sign up at the information desk.

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